If you've enjoyed the ride, thank one of our hundreds of volunteers.  This ride is organized and operated by 100% volunteer power, a group of men and women dedicated to furthering women's cycling in Pocatello.  So, thank you for the countless hours and resources donated to make this ride happen. 

If you or your organization is interested in volunteering we can always use the help.  We need people to help with the pre-ride, registration, logistics, rider support, cheer section and post ride .  Fill out the form to the left and one of our committee members will get with you soon!

Thanks to our sponsors who make this ride possible!

Committee Members

This ride is made possible by our Volunteers!

DaNae Young - President

Scot Gunter - Vice-President

Steve Young - Secretary

Charonne Gunter - Treasurer

Ace Call

Angela Johnson

Ashley Payne

Barrie Hunt

Jill Hunt

Jodi Wotowey

Jyl Call

Keiko Dye

Robb Dye

Shannon Dixon

If you have any questions, please contact DaNae Young at 208-221-9300